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Performing Manufacturing Operations

Details of standard

Occupational profile

Focussing on the practical skills and knowledge involved in the manufacturing process, the learner will be assessed in the workplace and on completion of this qualification will be well placed to work on a variety of manufacturing operations within their chosen industry.

For an NVQ Diploma in Performing Manufacturing Operations you’ll need to be working in a manufacturing industry – which included Marine, Areas of manufacturing could be sail making and rigging. printing and photographic processing, chemicals, metals, rubber and plastics, to food and drink. You might be a new recruit, employed in the industry or a trainee on a government-funded training programme.

What is involved in studying this course?

Depending on the level you choose, you’ll cover things like:
• complying with statutory regulation and organisational safety requirements
• Taking delivery of moving materials within manufacturing operations
• carrying out shaping, joining, processing and moulding operations
• making products using computer-controlled equipment
• analysing inspection results and confirming quality of production.
To gain an NVQ, you will need to show you’ve got a particular set of skills and find the best way to gain new ones – perhaps by trying new things at work, or by studying.
NVQs are assessed at work or in a simulated workplace. For each unit your assessor watches and asks questions as you perform a task, or looks at a portfolio of work that you’ve built as formal evidence of your learning. They then confirm you’ve got the skills to do the job well.
For the NVQ Diploma in Performing Manufacturing Operations this will include showing your assessors the various examples of work you’ve done, including evidence from before you started the NVQ.


The apprenticeship will typically take 12 – 15 months


This apprenticeship Framework is at Level 2

Mandatory Qualifications

The Level 2 Award in Industrial Environment Awareness is designed to meet the needs of learners and employers across the manufacturing industry. This Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) supports delivery of the knowledge requirements of the mandatory units of Level 2 Performing Engineering Operations, Performing Manufacturing Operations and Marine Engineering NVQs.

Career progression

An NVQ Diploma in Processing Manufacturing Operations is designed to help you progress in your within manufacturing operations.
The qualifications are related to jobs roles such as:
• Plant operator
• Engineering operative.
Level 2 will suit you if you are employed in the manufacturing industry and want to improve your existing skills and broaden your understanding.
You will need to complete a combination of mandatory and optional (both supporting operations and job-specific) units. Units include:
• Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements (mandatory)
• Receiving and checking incoming materials (supporting operations)
• Making products using computer-controlled equipment (job-specific)
• Carrying out inspection and testing activities (job-specific).

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