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Hire an Apprentice

Hire an Apprentice

The Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency is a subsidiary of CMN and offers a specialist recruitment and employment service to reduce the risk and cost you face when taking on an apprentice.

Our dedicated recruitment team provides on-going guidance to you and the apprentice within a supported training framework, ensuring your business is matched with the right candidate and the apprenticeship programme generates real investment returns.

Professional Skills Advice

When you decide to employ an apprentice through the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency we will offer you a range of services that take the hassle out of recruitment; saving you unwanted cost and risk. Your business will benefit from the following:

  • Completion of a Company Training Plan tailored to your unique business needs
  • Identifying the company skills gaps to be filled by recruiting an apprentice
  • Creation of apprenticeship job descriptions
  • Advertising your apprentice vacancy
  • Shortlisting and matching of apprentice candidates
  • Support to access any Government or other financial incentives
  • Help to ensure you select the most appropriate Apprenticeship training package
  • Provide you with options on who can provide the Training

Your business can also benefit from using the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency to employ the Apprentice on your behalf, including:

  • Contracts of employment taken care of
  • You sign a contract to provide on-the-job training at your company premises
  • CAA provides an Apprentice payroll service, processing the PAYE payroll for you and paying the Apprentice on your behalf, after you transfer the wage to us
  • Handling apprentice timesheets, holiday entitlement and all HR issues
  • Apprentice mentoring and pastoral support
  • Unique in Cornwall – A Part-Time Apprentice, if you do not want to commit full-time
  • Facility to share apprentices with another employer
  • We provide ongoing pastoral support during the apprenticeship, supporting you and the apprentice, giving you Increased assurances over apprentice employment and training continuity
  • Weekly Payroll and HR services to reduce the disruption to your business and ensure you have advice on employment responsibilities and contracting issues

Contact the CAA team today to discuss your range of options and find out how we can support you to hire an apprentice.

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