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Our Achievements

Together We Achieve More

CMN and our subsidiary companies have supported Cornish marine businesses to achieve the following outstanding results:

  • Created 3,000 new jobs (1,640 jobs with marine businesses, and 1,360 Apprenticeships in small businesses)
  • Supported 687 unemployed people to gain jobs
  • Engaged 35,000 Young People in marine vocational training/ careers advice
  • Added £315 Million GVA to Cornwall’s economy (every £1 won by CMN and spent on services to marine businesses produces £12.50 added value to the Cornwall economy)
  • Generated more than £40 Million of private marine sector investment in skills
  • Improved the skills of more than 7,500 marine employees
  • Secured £30 Million to invest in the local Marine sector through services and grants
  • Worked in project collaboration with 72 different European project partners to exchange best practices

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