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Mark & Loz Shipwrights

Working with Mark & Loz Shipwrights

Shipwrights Mark Cann and Loz Harris have a diverse business model building boats. Using a range of different materials, from composite on concrete to wood and steel, Mark and Loz Shipwrights create bespoke builds for a variety of purposes.

Mark had heard about Cornwall Marine Network through a business connection and signed up to Propel, CMN’s marine business support arm, and later Marine I, which aims to promote innovation in marine technology in Cornwall.

“I’m not a big club joiner really, but this is a bit different.”

Mark needed support to develop a series of projects designed to recover wrecks and aid in the removal of recyclable materials. Through Propel and Marine I, Mark was able to validate and de-risk his plans, begin development and test his design.

“I wouldn’t have attempted some of the stuff I’m attempting now if I hadn’t have met the team at CMN. I knew the potential was there but I didn’t go for it because it was too much to do with the day to day work. Joining the network has helped me to look forward with these bigger projects, allowing me to do more.”

The CMN Team have been on hand for Mark to offer advice and guidance as his projects develop.

“Let’s face it, to be successful at anything you probably need help and It’s that help and advice that Cornwall Marine Network is there for.”

Mark is now working with the team to develop new courses for boat builders and hopes success in his projects will empower him to create new apprenticeships with support from the Network.

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