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Dive Project Cornwall’s vision is simple
Dive Project Cornwall’s vision is simple
Eliminate plastic pollution and protect the marine environment to save all life in our oceans for future generations to enjoy and cherish.

“We are delighted to be working with key organisations including PADI and the MARINE CONSERVATION SOCIETY to deliver Dive Project Cornwall, a new not-for-profit community interest company. For a long time I have considered it should be the right of every child to walk on a beach and feel the sand between their toes. Dive Project Cornwall aims to give young people that experience and take it one step further; giving them sight of the amazing underwater world. Through their own appreciate of the wonders of the marine environment we will inspire thought as to how we will look after our beaches and oceans and preserve them for future generations to enjoy. The success of this lies in educating hundreds of thousands of young people today and we are thrilled to be able to launch a comprehensive introduction to the ocean and ocean conservation for young people and adults alike, in the form of Dive Project Cornwall. We look forward to working with our Partners and all of our sponsors (those already on board and those to come) to positively engage, inspire and motivate the next generation to save our planet.

Andy Forster, Project Director, Dive Project Cornwall

With the support of the MARINE CONSERVATION SOCIETY, Dive Project Cornwall will educate hundreds of thousands of young people by delivering an education programme directly into schools across the UK, raising the awareness of the importance of the planet’s marine environment and its vital role in our very existence.

DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL collaborates with Marine Conservation Society, Shark Guardian Trust, Cornwall Air Ambulance & Blue Marine Foundation to spread the message far and wide.

DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL will also reach millions of adults through promotional features via multiple media partners and strong collaborations with numerous ocean-based charities, who, together, will help deliver our key messages to thousands of young people and millions of adults. DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL is actively seeking and speaking with potential new partners and sponsors every day and invites new partnerships to make contact.

Becoming a Sponsor or Partner with DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL will allow businesses the benefits of a comprehensive and far-reaching national marketing initiative – placing them ahead of their competitors, whilst maximising the positive image of their brand and creating awareness and impact of their business as a whole; making known its effort to protect our oceans.

Through the educational and promotional efforts of DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL we will engage schools up and down the country and will result in giving 400 lucky teenagers the opportunity of a lifetime. Partnering with DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL will help ensure a sustainable and thriving future for our marine environment.

Together we can shout loudly to spread the message about the critical importance of the health of our oceans and educate people about the real and serious threats to our marine environment and the survival of our entire planet.


At the heart of Dive Project Cornwall is a competition for 400 lucky teenagers to win the experience of a lifetime; a 6-day, life-changing trip to Cornwall where they will learn to scuba dive with PADI, enjoy outdoor adventures, take up beach-related activities and attend presentations from leading marine industry experts. The aim is for these 400 lucky teenagers to become PADI Open Water qualified and Dive Project Cornwall Ocean Influencers who positively engage, inspire and motivate the next generation to save our planet.

PADI are delighted to partner with Dive Project Cornwall and will be providing the 400 winning students with their PADI Open Water Diver training. Scuba diving opens up the underwater world for young people and helps them to develop an understanding and appreciation for it, inspiring them to want to explore and protect it.

“Saving the ocean requires all of us to act together, and it’s crucial that we engage the younger generation in this work. Partnering with Dive Project Cornwall enables PADI to deliver such an important project, educating young people in the UK on the far-reaching impact that local action can have,

Rich Somerset, Territory Director, PADI EMEA.

A founding sponsor and close advocate of Dive Project Cornwall is FOURTH ELEMENT, who will be supplying all the technical dive gear for the PADI-trained Instructors throughout the delivery of the Open Water certification.

Fourth Element are aware of the many and complex environmental issues that face them as a business and from the outset, through their ‘Ocean Positive’ journey they have created an environmentally sustainable business that is good for the ocean. From compostable packaging to recycled swimwear and supporting various environmental charities, Fourth Element believe in doing everything they can to preserve our oceans for the future and were only to pleased to support Dive Project Cornwall.

“Dive Project Cornwall is an innovative and effective way of educating the next generation of the importance of a healthy marine environment as well as encouraging a responsibility for protecting it; which of course is critical for the future of our planet. I encourage all businesses to do what they can to support this exciting and unique project.”

Paul Strike Managing Director Fourth Element

Dive Project Cornwall are currently looking for sponsors, media partners and collaborating charities to build the project to formal launch across the UK in January 2022.

Potential sponsors can look forward to their business benefiting from a comprehensive and far-reaching national marketing initiative – putting them ahead of their competitors, whilst maximising the positive image of their brand, in other words, making it known that their organisation is looking to protect our oceans through positive and demonstrable action.

If you would like more information about DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL, please contact Andrew Forster 07711 160590 or email at

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